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VertiPlay STEM Marble Run - Frequently Asked Questions

VertiPlay STEM Marble Run FAQs

How exactly should my child play with the Marble Run?
There are no rules! The aim is to get the marble to its goal in the most efficient way possible, but there are over 100 ways to do this. Multiple challenges keep the game exciting and your child can keep inventing new ones! Click here to see what we mean!

How does the Marble Run help with STEM learning?
The Marble Run is designed to make science and math more fun! As your child discovers the best path for the marble to take, concepts like gravity, speed, levers and rotation come alive, problem-solving and critical thinking skills are improved and your child learns to apply imagination and creativity!

Can I buy the ramps separately?
Absolutely! You can buy extra ramps, the hexagon base mat and different size variations of the Marble Run to build your own version. Click here to get started!

Can the two themes be mixed?
Absolutely! The only difference in the themes is the colour, so feel free to extend one with parts from the other.

At what age can my child play with the Marble Run?
We designed this game to be suitable from the age of 5 to….99!

How big are the base mats? 
Length: 16.2in | 41.1cm
Height: 18in | 45.7cm

What is the Marble Run made of?
The base mats are silicone, the balls are wooden and the ramps are made of ABS plastic.

Will the Marble Run damage my walls? 
We promise it won’t! We conduct lots of tests to make sure the entire VertiPlay range of toys stick on your walls without any damage at all. Remember to peel off the adhesive film gently, and don’t yank the toy off the wall when you need to remove it. Feel free to write to us for any help!

Will it stick on all surfaces?
We find that the VertiPlay toys stick best on flat surfaces. On textured or uneven surfaces, the toys may slip as the adhesion is not as strong.

Does the wall paint make a difference to how well it sticks?
Yes, it is best to avoid walls with poor quality paint or multiple coats of paint as the toy will not stick as well. 

Can I remove the Marble Run from the wall and paste it again?
Yes! We’ve designed it so that you can remove and stick it back 3 to 4 times without affecting the sticking ability. 

Can I buy just the film?
Unfortunately not. The film and the silicone mat toy are designed and sold as one unit.