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"If you don't have a lot of space, or want to take this activity center to grandma's house, the fold-up Oribel is for you. Its legs fold inward quickly and easily allowing you to store it in the trunk of your car. It converts into a toddler crafts table. This is by far one of the best activity gyms you can buy. Why? It’s portable and modular. You can take it anywhere with you!"
Best Baby Gyms and Baby Activity Centers by Fatherly

"The PortaPlay wins again with how compactly it can be stored. Instead of a large saucer across the base, it has four adjustable legs that fold flat underneath. All that is left is a lightweight, mostly flat disc. This means loading it in the car for a weekend getaway is totally manageable."

Oribel PortaPlay Review by Pregnancy & Newborn

"Talk about super fun play that is STEM-based! Your child can create a marble run on the wall (like is often seen at fun Children’s Museums) and the VertiPlay Stem Marble Run is extendable so with your child’s imagination, its possibilities are endless! It promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills but kids just think they’re having a ball!"
It’s National STEAM Day And We Know How To Celebrate! by Mothering

"These products are durable and designed to grow with your children. The vertical play kits are designed especially with growing children in mind. [...] There is nothing about these toys that scream "only for boys" or "only for girls," which is refreshing. They're made to inspire little ones' creativity and imagination, allowing them to write their own narrative."

"This gorgeous convertible high chair has six height adjustments and three reclining positions that work for napping and feeding. Aptly named the ‘Cocoon,’ this pod-like chair from Oribel has six height and three recline positions so a baby can gradually move from lying down to sitting upright (it’s good from 6 months to 3-years-old or 45 pounds)."

"It's a totally modular STEM toy that will have any little excited to see the marble zoom, bounce and slide down its ramps and curves. We've seen both 4-year-olds and 10-year-olds be super into this, so we love that it can grow with your child."
21 magical gifts we're giving our 4 to 7-year-olds ✨ by Motherly

"Part wall decoration, part challenging toy, VertiPlay Marble Run, from Oribel, is all fun. Kids are encouraged to think critically and develop their spatial skills as they play. If one plan doesn’t work — try again! If it does work — try again anyway!"
Get Creative with the VertiPlay Marble Run by The Toy Insider

"Play on the wall or on the floor… VertiPlay Marble Run blurs the line between playing and learning! Create a Marble Run with a few simple ramps- each step encourages STEM learning."
Big gift ideas for tiny tykes by FOX4 KDFW

"It's also an incredibly versatile piece of gear, as it has six different height settings and three recline positions. Parents of infants will love swapping the big tray for the smaller food and cup holder, which allows them to get closer to their baby during meals (the better to wipe those little faces and catch spills before they happen!). Although the chair is good-looking enough to leave out 24/7, it can also be folded and stored upright, with the dishwasher-safe tray hanging from the back."
Best High Chairs of 2019 by What To Expect

"This multi-stage activity center is portable and a must-have for keeping baby entertained during holiday travel. Best of all, it converts into a play table for toddlers up to five years."
Scary Mommy’s Editors 2019 Holiday Gift Guide For Kids by Scary Mommy

About Oribel

As a global lifestyle brand that designs premium baby gear and toys, Oribel is committed to creating original and smart products for modern parents and children. Founded in 2014, the company’s first product, the PortaPlay Activity Center, redefined the category with its minimal design and becoming the first Activity Center that transformed into a Play Table. Their Cocoon High Chair that transforms from a recliner to sitting-mode is a favorite among fashionable mamas. Headquartered in Singapore, Oribel’s award-winning products sell in 40 countries across the world.

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A revolutionary new toy system. Oribel VertiPlay STEM Marble Run

70 years ago, when Lego introduced the world’s first interlocking bricks system of play, it triggered the imagination and attention of kids all around the world. An expandable, versatile and intuitive way to play that honed mental and motor skills. Surprisingly, there has never been anything like it after that.

Which is why Oribel is so excited to introduce the VertiPlay STEM Marble Run! A first-of-its kind modular wall toy... Read more >>

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