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PortaPlay - Frequently Asked Questions

PortaPlay FAQs 

What makes PortaPlay different from a regular exersaucer?
The fact that it goes from a toy to an activity centre to a play table with no hassle, adapting as your baby grows! It is portable, foldable and very compact. Even with all the toys, you can easily fold the PortaPlay into a neat 25-inch wide, 8-inch tall disc and carry it everywhere! All this with no dismantling or loosening or fussing. It really is one of a kind! 

Is there a difference in the grey and green PortaPlay?
Each colour comes with a different set of toys, one inspired by the whimsical tale of Alice in Wonderland and the other by friendly woodland creatures!

When can my child use the PortaPlay?
From about 5 months of age (or when your baby’s neck is self-supported) in the Activity Center mode. And then till 5 years of age as a play table!

Is there a recommended height and weight that the seat can handle?
While the PortaPlay is being used as an activity centre in which your child is seated, the recommended weight and height is 25 lbs and 30 inches.

This is the average weight and height of a 12-month-old. If your child is starting to walk, he or she should no longer be seated, but can use the activity centre or play table while standing.

Should the children be tippy toeing or not when in Portaplay?
Yes, the time when your child starts tippy toeing, is a good time to start with PortaPlay

Does the seat spin?
Absolutely! The seat will rotate 360 degrees so that your baby can easily see and play with every toy.

Is the seat pad removable and washable?
Yes, very easily! You can machine wash the seat pad in cold water, on a delicate cycle.

Do the toys come off for easy cleaning? Are batteries required?
Yes, the toys are easily detachable and no batteries are needed.

Can I buy a new seat pad and toys if needed?
Yes! We have replacements available for both in case they get dirty or damaged.

Click here for the  PortaPlay Forest Friends (Green) seat pad.
Click here for the PortaPlay Wonderland Adventures (Gray) seat pad.

Can I buy another set of plugs to assemble the play table?

Click here for a set of plugs for the PortaPlay Forest Friends (Green).
Click here for a set of plugs for the PortaPlay Wonderland Adventures (Grey)
Click here for the table cover for both PortaPlay

Where can I buy service parts?
Head here to buy new service parts!

What is the warranty period?
We offer a 180-day warranty period for manufacturing defects and workmanship issues.

I am not based in the US or Singapore. How can I order from Oribel?
Not a problem! Oribel has retailers in over 35 countries and you can check them out here. If you don’t see your country on the list, email us at and we’ll help you out.

Can I be assured that this is safe for my child to use?
You have our word! Safety is our first priority, just like yours. All our products are free of BPA, pthalates, lead and heavy metals. They meet and exceed EN and ESTN standards. 

Where is the PortaPlay made?
All of Oribel’s products are designed at our headquarters in Singapore and manufactured in our facilities in China.