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PortaPlay Stage-Based Activity Center - Monsterland Adventures


The First and only Baby Activity Center with stage-based playtime for your baby! As your baby evolves and grows rapidly, so do the toys in PortaPlay ensuring their holistic development in the first year.

It stays with your family for years, as it transforms into a table. Complete with a refreshingly modern design to complement perfectly your home aesthetic, keeps you and the baby delighted.

Age Suitability

Stage One: Basic Activity Center – 5 to 8 months
Stage Two: Advanced Activity Center – 8 to 12 months
Stage Three: Play Table – Up to 5 years old

Get this combo for matching stools giving your family years of use from every PortaPlay.

PortaPlay Stage-Based Activity Center - Monsterland Adventures + Stools Combo PortaPlay Convertible Activity Center - Forest Friends PortaPlay Convertible Activity Center - Wonderland Adventures



With PortaPlay's 360° swivel action, your little one can easily spin and turn to reach their favorite toys during their early development stage.

The seat made with comfortable, washable fabric and also stretches for bouncing, giving a spring in baby's step without straining their knees.

1, 2, 3 and 4!

1, 2, 3 and 4!

With PortaPlay's 4-level height adjustment, the PortaPlay can keep up with your fast-growing baby.

We recommend your baby to be on tippy toes while in the Activity Center. When she has grown taller with limited room for bouncing, it’s time to raise the Activity Center one level higher.



With a push of a button, you can easily snap out the legs of PortaPlay Play Table and store it away!

Moms and dads can't stop raving about their PortaPlay

Jillian via Instagram

Jillian via Instagram

"Mom Hack #87... place baby in @loveoribel PortaPlay so you do not misplace said baby 😆" 

Jordan via Instagram

Jordan via Instagram

"They absolutely LOVE their @loveoribel PortaPlays ❤️ they have all kinds of fun goodies to play with on this activity stand and they get to practice standing and bouncing! The best thing is seeing them turn to face each other so they can interact and play with each other 😭 the twin bond is REAL y’all!"

Jennifer via Instagram

Jennifer via Instagram

"This sweet babe is always so busy; talking, laughing, and playing. This PortaPlay from @loveoribel holds her attention every time she’s in it, and when she gets too big, I can turn it into a normal little table for her!"

The inspiration

Parenthood is your biggest adventure yet! As you discover and explore the wonders of the world with your little one, you’ll witness many changes in your child’s growth within the first year. PortaPlay is the perfect playtime companion for you and your baby, with stage-based playtime adapting to the constantly changing developmental needs of your child.

In Oribel, we believe that you and your baby deserve the best. Our PortaPlay activity center is elegantly designed to grow with them through endless playtime possibilities!

Recommended age:
4 months, or when the baby can support their neck and ready to sit.

Care instructions

• Machine wash plush toys from the 'Pushey Pulley'
• Machine wash seat pad in cold water, delicate cycle.
• Tumble dry, low heat for 10 to 15 minutes.
• Do not use harsh detergents or bleach. Do not dry clean.
• Wipe plastic parts with mild soap and water.

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Length | Height | Width - 26.8in | 18.1in | 26.8in
Weight: 13.2lbs

Length | Height | Width - 26.6in | 26.5in | 7.2in
Weight: 21.6lbs

What's in the box?

  1. Main PortaPlay Unit
  2. Seat Ring
  3. Cushioned Seat Pad
  4. Flat Table Top
  5. 6 Tray Plugs
  6. 8 Age-appropriate Toys
      - Chewy
      - Mischief Mirror
      - Creepers
      - Pow-Wow
      - Jiggler
      - Bubbles
      - Pushey-Pulley
      - Nom-nom

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Stage-based Activity Center different from other Activity Centers?

Babies' first year is always exciting as they grow at an astounding pace with new changes and development every month. For new parents, our Portaplay stage-based activity center aims to support your baby’s growth at two specific yet distinct phases ( 5 to 8 months and 8 to 12 months).

The toys are designed specifically to ensure that their healthy development is on target by challenging them with stage-appropriate activities.

Can I fold and store this PortaPlay?

Made for compact-homes, our Stage-based PortaPlay comes with legs that are easily removed with a touch of a button. Assembly is also a breeze!

Is there a recommended height and weight that the seat can handle?

While the PortaPlay is being used as an activity centre in which your child is seated, the recommended maximum weight and height is 25 lbs and 30 inches.

This is the average weight and height of a 12-month-old. If your child is starting to walk, he or she should no longer be seated inside the Activity Center. Convert the Activity Center to a Play Table, toys can be retained to encourage cruising.

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